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jFex is written in Java, so it runs on Mac OS X, OS/2, Unix, VMS and Windows

jFex generates the features specified by a feature extraction script, indexes them, and returns the example set, as well as the mapping between the features and their indices (lexicon).

If specified, it only extracts features for the instances not marked as ''uninformative'' by jInFil.
jFex is strongly inspired by FEX, but it introduces several improvements. First of all, it provides an enriched feature extraction language. Secondly, it makes possible to further extend this language through a Java API, providing a flexible tool to define task specific features.
Finally, jFex can output the example set in formats directly usable by SVMlight.

jFex is released as free software with full source code, provided under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. jFex is being primarily developed by Claudio Giuliano at FBK-irst within the Dot.Kom project.

For more details of how you can contribute, please post a message on the mailing list. It is open to anyone, so feel free to contribute whatever you can.

The project source code is being hosted by SourceForge. This is also the place where you can make bug reports and feature requests.

The project is co-ordinated using a mailing list kindly hosted by SourceForge. You can view the details at the mailing list page.

To download, install and run jFex go here.

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