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Edits -

A software package aimed at recognizing entailment relations between two portions of text

TextPro -

A suite of modular Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools for analysis of Italian and English texts

jSRE -

An open source Java tool for Relation Extraction

jWeb1T -

An open source Java tool for efficiently searching the Web 1T 5-gram corpus

jFex -

Java tool for Feature Extraction for Natural Language Processing applications

jinFil -

An open source Java tool for Instance Filtering

jExSLI -

An open source java tool for language identification

jWebS -

A software tool for Web people search

jTCat -

A software tool for text categorization

jLSl -

An open source Java tool for Latent Semantic Indexing

EOP Platform -

EXCITEMENT Open Platform

KnowledgeStore -

Scalable storage for text and RDF data

Lexical resources

MultiWordNet -

A multilingual lexical database in which the Italian WordNet is strictly aligned with Princeton WordNet

WordNet Domains -

A lexical resource created by augmenting WordNet with domain labels. It includes WordNet-Affect.

SentiWords -

A high coverage resource containing roughly 155.000 words associated with a sentiment score

MapNet -

A FrameNet to WordNet Mapping

QALL-ME Ontology -

A domain-specific ontology for question answering in the domain of tourism

Sensicon -

A sensorial lexicon that associates English words with senses


A lexicon for Italian discourse connectives



A corpus of political speeches tagged with specific audience reactions, such as applause or laughter


An annotated corpus consisting of 525 news stories taken from a local newspaper

Evalita NER2011 Dataset -

The Dataset of the Evalita 2011 Named Entity Recognition Task


A corpus of Italian news stories annotated with information about person cross-document coreference

SWiiT -

Italian Wikipedia automatically annotated with entity mentions

MultiSemCor -

An English/Italian parallel corpus


Typed Predicate Argument Structures for Italian

Causal-TimeBank -

The TimeBank corpus taken from TempEval-3 task, annotated with causal information

QALL-ME Benchmark -

Annotated spoken requests in the tourism domain (Italian, Spanish, English and German)

Textual Entailment Specialized Data Sets -

RTE-5 pairs annotated with linguistic phenomena and monothematic pairs

Wikisents for FrameNet -

Wikipedia sentences with frame labels in English and Italian

RTE-3-Ita -

Italian version of the English RTE-3 dataset

Fact-Ita Bank -

A subpart of Ita-TimeBank annotated with factuality information

ACEtoWiki -

An extension of the English ACE 2005 Corpus with Ground-truth Links to Wikipedia

Textual Entailment Graph Dataset -

A gold standard dataset of entailment graphs for English and Italian

Pilot Task of EVENTI @ Evalita 2014 -

Test data set of the EVENTI Pilot Task on "Temporal Processing of Historical Texts"

SemEval2015 TimeLine Dataset -

Dataset of the SemEval-2015 Task "TimeLine: Cross-Document Event Ordering"

NewsReader MEANTIME Corpus -

A semantically annotated corpus of 480 news articles in 4 languages

NE-annotated-tweets-AL -

Tweets annotated with Named Entities following the NEEL-IT guidelines

WItaC - NewsReader Wikinews Italian Corpus -

The Italian section of the NewsReader MEANTIME corpus

Contrast-Ita Bank -

A corpus annotated with discourse contrast relations in Italian


A Temporally Annotated News Corpus in German


A manually annotated Italian corpus of diary entries written by diabetic patients

COSMIANU - Corpus Of Social Media Italian Annotated with Nominal Utterances -

A manually annotated corpus of around 66,000 tokens

Annotation Tools

Cromer -

A Tool for Cross-Document Event and Entity Coreference

AnnotatorPro -

A tool for annotation of linguistic data

HLT Phonetic Scorer -

A utility to compute phonetic features of tokenized sentences