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CIC-FBK system ranks 1st in Native Language Identification shared task


Title: Automatic Generation of Lyrics Parodies
Authors: Lorenzo Gatti, Gözde Özbal, Oliviero Stock and Carlo Strapparava


Title: Word Etymology as Native Language Interference
Authors: Vivi Nastase and Carlo Strapparava


LCL 2017 is a two-day event featuring both tutorials on topics in Computational Linguistics and student's presentations.  LCL - 2017 is organized by the Doctoral School of Linguistic Sciences of University of Bergamo-Pavia and by Fondazione Bruno Kessler,  with the endorsement of AILC, the Italian Association of Computational Linguistics.

The event will be held at University of Pavia on May, 4-5 2017.

Website:  LCL 2017


Title: Improving Native Language Identification by Using Spelling Errors
Authors: Lingzhen Chen, Carlo Strapparava and Vivi Nastase


The call for papers for the "NLP meets Journalism" Workshop at EMNLP 2017 is now open.


Begoña Altuna, Anne-Lyse Minard and Manuela Speranza. The Scope and Focus of Negation: A Complete Annotation Framework for Italian


Tthe HLT-NLP/Fortia team won the SemEval 2017 Task 5 challenge on predicting fine-grained sentiment from financial news headlines (1st out of 45 runs).


The following short papers have been accepted at EACL2017:

Title: A Computational Analysis of the Language of Drug Addiction
Authors: Carlo Strapparava and Rada Mihalcea

Title: To Sing like a Mockingbird
Authors: Lorenzo Gatti, Gözde Özbal, Oliviero Stock and Carlo Strapparava


Simone Magnolini, Ngoc Phuoc An Vo and Octavian Popescu. Analysis of the Impact of Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics for Semantic Textual Similarity