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Papers to be presented at CLiC-it 2020

News date: 
Wednesday, 14 October, 2020

Our group will present eight papers at CLiC-2020, the Seventh Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics:

Title: Investigating Proactivity in Task-Oriented Dialogues
Authors: Vevake Balaraman and Bernardo Magnini

Title:  Italian Counter Narrative Generation to Fight Online Hate Speech
Authors: Yi-Ling Chung, Serra Sinem Tekiroğlu and Marco Guerini

Title: GePpeTto: Creation and Automatic Evaluation of a Large Generative Language Model for Italian
Authors: Lorenzo De Mattei, Michele Cafagna, Felice Dell'Orletta, Malvina Nissim and Marco Guerini

Title: Predicting Social Exclusion: A Computational Linguistic Approach to the Detection of Ostracism
Authors: Greta Gandolfi and Carlo Strapparava

Title: Simple Data Augmentation for Multilingual NLU in Task Oriented Dialogue Systems
Authors: Samuel Louvan and Bernardo Magnini

Title: The E3C Project:Collection and Annotation of a Multilingual Corpus of Clinical Cases
Authors: Bernardo Magnini, Begona Altuna, Alberto Lavelli, Manuela Speranza and Roberto Zanoli

Title: Becoming JILDA
Authors: Irene Sucameli, Alessandro Lenci, Bernardo Magnini, Maria Simi and Manuela Speranza

Title: Phonological Layers of Meaning: A Computational Exploration of Sound Iconicity 
Authors: Andrea de Varda and Carlo Strapparava