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Papers to be presented at CLiC-it 2018

News date: 
Wednesday, 3 October, 2018

The following papers will be presented at CLiC-it, which will take place in Turin on December 10-12, 2018:

Title: From General to Specific : Leveraging Named Entity Recognition for Slot Filling in Conversational Language Understanding
Authors: Samuel Louvan  and Bernardo Magnini

Title: Effective Communication without Verbs? Sure! Identification of Nominal Utterances in Italian Social Media Texts
Authors: Gloria Comandini, Manuela Speranza and Bernardo Magnini

Title: What’s in a Food Name: Knowledge Induction from Gazetteers of Food Main Ingredient
Authors: Bernardo Magnini, Vevake Balaraman, Simone Magnolini and Marco Guerini

Title: Lexical Opposition in Discourse Contrast
Authors: Anna Feltracco, Bernardo Magnini and Elisabetta Jezek