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Nine papers accepted at LREC 2014

News date: 
Friday, 7 February, 2014

The following papers have been accepted at LREC 2014

Title: Mapping CPA onto OntoNotes Senses
Authors: Octavian Popescu, Martha Palmer, Patrick Hanks

Title: T-PAS; A resource of Typed Predicate Argument Structures for linguistic analysis and semantic processing
Authors: Elisabetta Jezek, Anna Feltracco, Alessia Bianchini, Bernado Magnini, Octavian Popescu

Title: Euronews: a multilingual speech corpus for ASR
Author: Roberto Gretter

Title: CROMER: a Tool for Cross-Document Event and Entity Coreference
Authors: Christian Girardi, Manuela Speranza, Rachele Sprugnoli, Sara Tonelli

Title: Mapping WordNet Domains, WordNet Topics and Wikipedia Categories to Generate Multilingual Domain Specific Resources
AuthorsSpandana Gella, Carlo Strapparava, Vivi Nastase

Title: Creative Language Explorations through a High-expressivity N-grams Query Language
AuthorsCarlo Strapparava, Lorenzo Gatti, Marco Guerini, Oliviero Stock    

Title: A SICK cure for the evaluation of compositional distributional semantic models
Authors: Marco Marelli, Stefano Menini, Marco Baroni, Luisa Bentivogli, Raffaella Bernardi, Roberto Zamparelli  

Title: Enriching the “Senso Comune” Platform with Automatically Acquired Data
Authors: Tommaso Caselli, Laure Vieu, Carlo Strapparava, Guido Vetere  

Title: Automatic Annotation of Machine Translation Datasets with Binary Quality Judgements
Authors: Marco Turchi, Matteo Negri