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Natural Language Processing meets Journalism - IJCAI 2016 workshop

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Sunday, 10 July, 2016
IJCAI 2016 Workshop, July 10th, New York

Organized by Carlo Strapparava, Octavian Popescu, and Larry Birnbaum.

During the years NLP has matured a suites of technologies able to cope
with many problems raised by the contemporary need of global
information, and so, it is the high time for the NLP to to get
engaged in the mass media process as an active partner for both
journalists and readers.

The workshop had the potential to attract the interest of researchers
both in computational linguistics and journalism, and of professionals
in the news production system. The main goal was to have a forum in
which it will be possible to share and discuss advancements in natural
language processing and real needs in the field of journalism. At this
workshop there were papers that presented technologies that go deep
into the substance of a piece of news, as a savvy journalist and/or an
alert reader will do.