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Processing of temporal information and event factuality: Ongoing research

Event date: 
Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 - 11:00
Sala Direzione - First floor, West building
Begoña Altuna

Temporal information processing in Basque has been an active research field in the last years. The research has covered all the main steps on temporal information processing: i) analysis of the temporal information expression in Basque, ii) creation of the EusTimeML mark-up language, iii) building of the EusTimeBank annotated corpus, iv) setup of the EusHeidelTime and bTime systems for temporal information extraction and v) development of KroniXa, the timeline creation tool. Now that the basic resources are available, we are focusing on enhancing and enriching the available temporal information. For this, we will be analysing event factuality and extracting more implicit temporal information. In this presentation, Begoña Altuna will go through the temporal information processing works and will present her new challenges on temporal information processing.