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Lectures on Computational Linguistics 2017

Event date: 
Thursday, 4 May, 2017 - 10:45 to Friday, 5 May, 2017 - 16:30
University of Pavia

We are pleased to invite you to the second edition of Lectures on Computational Linguistics, a two-day event featuring tutorials on foundational topics in Computational Linguistics that will take place at University of Pavia on May, 4-5 2017 (see first edition held in Trento in 2016).

The event is organized by the Doctoral Course in Linguistic Sciences of the University of Pavia and the University of Bergamo, in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and this year it will be endorsed by AILC (Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Computazionale).

The main goal of the event is to provide participants with foundational notions on different topics in Computational Linguistics.

Participation is free but subject to registration. We welcome Ph.D. and Master students, as well as everybody who is interested in the topics.

For more information and registration visit LCL - 2017webpage.


Elisabetta Jezek (University of Pavia)

Anna Feltracco (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, University of Pavia, University of Bergamo)

Bernardo Magnini (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento)


Anna Feltracco, feltracco[at]


4 MAY 2017 - Room L2  - Palazzo San Tommaso, University of Pavia

10.45 Opening: Elisabetta Jezek (University of Pavia)

11.00 - 13.00 Tutorial 1: Data Annotation for NLP Tasks, Bernardo Magnini (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento)

14.30 - 16.30 Tutorial 2: Morphological Analysis, PoS-Tagging and Lemmatisation, Fabio Tamburini (University of Bologna) 

16.45 - 17.45 Student Presentation

5 MAY 2017 - Room L5  - Palazzo San Tommaso, University of Pavia

09.30 - 11.30 Tutorial 3:  Discourse and Dialogue, Matthew Purver (Queen Mary University of London)

11.45 - 12.45 Student Presentations

14.00 - 16.00 Tutorial 4: An old Artificial Intelligence dream that comes true: Merging language and vision modalities, Raffaella Bernardi (University of Trento)

16.00 - 16.30 Closing