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Deep and Large-Scale Semantic Processing: The Way Ahead

Event date: 
Tuesday, 10 March, 2015 - 09:30
Sala Stringa

The FBK workshop on “Deep and Large-Scale Semantic Processing: The Way Ahead” is an opportunity to discuss some of the major trends in Semantic Processing of Natural Language, with a specific focus on balancing the need of a deep analysis with the need to process big-data. The workshop is a follow-up of two recent international initiatives: a “Shonan meeting”, organized in Japan in November 2014, on "Towards Explanation Production Combining Natural Language Processing and Logical Reasoning”, and the EXCITEMENT EU project on textual inferences, just concluded.
The program of the workshop includes invited seminars given by experts of Universities and Research Centers in Japan (NAIST, Tohoku, NII, JAIST), and Europe (Stuttgart, DFKI, University of Basque Country, FBK).

Bernardo Magnini