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QALL-ME (Question Answering Learning technologies in a multiLingual and Multimodal Environment)

The scientific and technological objectives of the project pursue three crucial directions: multilingual open domain QA, user-driven and context-aware QA, and learning technologies for QA. The specific research objectives of the project include state-of-art advancements in the complexity of the questions handled by the system(e.g. how questions); the development of a web-based architecture for cross-language QA (i.e. question in one language, answer in a different language); the realization of real time QA systems for concrete applications; the integration of the temporal and spatial context both for question interpretation and for answer extraction; the development of a robust framework for applying minimally supervised machine learning algorithms to QA tasks; and the integration of mature technologies for automatic speech recognition within the open domain question answering framework.

6th Framework Programme