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Manuela Speranza

  • Phone: +39 0461 314521
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

I have been working at ITC-irst, now FBK, since 2000. First, I worked on the SI-TAL (Integrated System for the Automatic Treatment of Language) and on the Edamok projects. From 2004 2006 I worked on the Ontotext project. From 2007 to 2012 I worked on the projects Qall-me, LiveMemories and Meta-Net. More recently, I have worked on the European projects MateCat and NewsReader.

My main interests include evaluation methodologies (see NER 2007, Entity Recognition 2009, NER 2011, EVENTI 2014 and FactA 2016 at EVALITA and TimeLine: Cross-Document Event Ordering at SemEval-2015), entity annotation (see I-CAB), event, temporal information, and co-reference annotation (see the NewsReader MEANTIME corpus), event factuality and negation annotation (see Fact-Ita Bank), and computational lexicography (see MultiWordNet and WordNet Domains).
I was also involved in the overall organization of EVALITA 2007, EVALITA 2009 and EVALITA 2011.

Research interests
corpus annotation evaluation methodologies computational lexicography
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