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"LICO: A Lexicon of Italian Connectives", "Comparing State-of-the-art Dependency Parsers on the Italian Stanford Dependency Treebank", "Semantic Interpretation of Events in Live Soccer Commentaries", and "Grounding the Lexical Sets of Causative-Inchoative Verbs with Word Embedding"


Title: Exploiting a Bootstrapping Approach for Annotating Emotions in Texts Automatically
Authors: Lea Canales, Carlo Strapparava, Ester Boldrini and Patricio Martinez-Barco


Title: Learning to Identify Metaphors from a Corpus of Proverbs
Authors: Gözde Özbal, Carlo Strapparava, Serra Sinem Tekiroglu and Daniele Pighin


A knowledge-poor approach to chemical-disease relation extraction
Firoj Alam, Anna Corazza, Alberto Lavelli, and Roberto Zanoli
Database Vol. 2016, baw071 doi:10.1093/database/baw071


In the contest of Evalita 2016, we are co-organizing FactA (Event Factuality Annotation), the first evaluation exercise for factuality profiling of events in Italian.


Title: Identifying User Issues and Request Types in Forum Question Posts based on Discourse Analysis

Authors: Agnes Sandor, Nikolaos Lagos, Ngoc Phuoc An Vo, Caroline Brun.


"MEANTIME, the NewsReader Multilingual Event and Time Corpus", "Annotating opposition relations among Italian verb senses using crowdsourcing", "PROMETHEUS: A Corpus of Proverbs Annotated with Metaphors", and "Corpora for Learning the Mutual Relationship between Semantic Relatedness and Textual Entailment"


Vivi Nastase and Carlo Strapparava. knoWitiary: A Machine Readable Incarnation of Wiktionary. International Journal of Computational Linguistics and Applications. Vol. 6 No. 2 - December 2015